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Project Details

Direction Julyen Hamilton

Performers: Paolo Cingolani, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton, Theodosia Stathi, (Barbara Pereyra in 2012)

Lights and Decor: Julyen Hamilton

'i smooth crimson' faces the porosity and impermeability of systems and human situations.

Any system or situation, indeed any organism, is in some way bounded and this gives it the strength of clarity through demarkation as well as paradoxically a certain rigidity which can reduce its porosity. The decor forms a near cocoon or bounded space, a lattice of red ribbon, lightly woven about the theatre space, in which stories are revealed, danced, spoken and arranged. They are not obscured but harboured.

17 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels
16 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels
15 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels
06 Oct @ CODA Oslo International Dance Festival
07 Jul @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels
04 May @ Micadanses, Paris (Canaldanse)

16 Dec @ Schwelle 7, Berlin
15 Dec @ Schwelle 7, Berlin

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