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Allen's Line


ALLEN’S LINE is a company of dancers directed by dancer / poet Julyen Hamilton.

The central theme is the work with dance, space, text and voice orchestrating all and each of these elements and doing it all on the fly as an instant composition in performance. Letting these areas of expression be made and housed all together, their individual qualities constantly interacting at different levels, weaving a whole, multi layered expression.

Stories, conversations, vocal lines, melodies and dialogue all present, supporting and providing contexts for each other.

The interest in placing these streams together is to touch the expressive powers which they unleash through parallel support and lateral associations. We both ‘cut up’ and ‘multi-layer’ the material, instantly editing as we go, letting the result be immediately readable.

Our use of objects and decor is studied and refined; these elements are not only visual markers working in the visual sphere but also metaphoric, symbolic and playful ways to naturally enrich and expose each piece.

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"The work delves into the human relationships which are produced and which can be translated by the dancing body and the voice which comes from that moving body. The human is inevitably three-dimensional and as such can not be reduced, only expanded into form and sound; thus it can be perceived by others; thus we place it ambulant and vocal on the stage; thus the stage heralds it and presents it with and without all its finery.

As director (of Allen's Line) I work with the dancers and poet and light person to remove all excess, all unnecessary in their expression; this allows the forms and orchestration to be rich and immediate. In its complexity, it stimulates and demands the similar complexities in the audience. In its simplicity, it appeals to the obvious and the less immediately obvious which may lie hidden beneath. Each of the performers handles the choreography in their own way enriching it and taking it further into the present of the performance and into the imagination of the public.

But all of this is covert activity - what really concerns me is the moment of performance and the sharing with the public - our voice and their ears - our actions and their perceptions."

Further informations: www.julyenhamilton.com

the eclipse of reason

"The gestures become wider while remaining precise, almost sacred, and recall the movements of the samurai with their katanas."

Chiara Amato


Since 2009 we have made eight pieces

the triptych
The Arrival
The Voyage
Local Talk

‘i smooth crimson’
‘Goat Ocean’
‘The Selected Well'
‘Mud Like Gold’
‘B U R S T !’
‘The eclipse of reason’

Although the process is in the instant moment, it lives in the passage of time - it is temporal.

All action touches memory so we must respect the laws of memory.
And memory works radially with thousands of associations arriving and leaving form it at any moment.
To place something in the experience of the public (to let the public experience something) we have to respect the laws of memory.
In memory, action has past and future.

Allen's Line - BURST

Actual members

Julyen Hamilton

Barbara Pereyra

Paolo Cingolani

Maya M. Carroll

Claudia Pelliccia

Old members

Billie Hanne

Agostina D'Alessandro

Anna Victoria Iommi

Theodosia Stathi

Boris Cossio

Yoann Boyer


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