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Project Details

Direction Julyen Hamilton

Performers: Barbara Pereyra, Paolo Cingolani, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton, Maya M. Carroll, Agostina D'Alessandro

Lights and Decor: Julyen Hamilton, Sylvain Formatché, Emese Csornai

From my earliest pieces, poetry and text and its arrangement on stage have been one of the central themes of my work.

With ALLEN’S LINE this work is now evidently extended through all of the performers in the Company. This allows inherent orchestration of bodies and words and the images which issue from them. In ‘MUD LIKE GOLD’ the poetic stream of dance and text comes up like a knife into the earth of the piece.

It protrudes through the earth and concrete of our experiences and imagination, our fears and observations. And at the moment of clarity, as the material transforms, we are there…the witness and the guilty, the accused and the accusing, observing and implied.

21 Apr @ UltimaVez Studio, Brusels
22 Apr @ UltimaVez Studio, Brusels
23 Apr @ UltimaVez Studio, Brusels

31 Jul @ Dock 11, Berlin
30 Jul @ Dock 11, Berlin
29 Jul @ Dock 11, Berlin
28 Jul @ Dock 11, Berlin

29 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brusels
28 Nov @ Blue zone Performances, Brusels
27 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brusels

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