The Arrival

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Project Details

Direction Julyen Hamilton

Performers: Theodosia Stathi, Barbara Pereyra, Billie Hanne, Agostina d'Alessandro, Julyen Hamilton, Ana Iommi, Boris Cossio

Lights and Decor: Julyen Hamilton

Photography: Patrick Beelaert

In the beginning we came from all over the place and we brought what we had.

Every place of meeting needs a surface upon which to sleep, or upon which to place things, or around which to meet : thus the table. In addition, the mirror, the chest, the book, the knifeā€¦ were artifacts of a place inhabited; they were objects which signified humans presence; they told us we existed beyond botanic nature. And we slept and growled and fought and recognized the arrival of the future.

24 Apr @ Micadanses, Paris (Canaldanse)

20 Dec @ Schwelle 7, Berlin
19 Dec @ Schwelle 7, Berlin
26 Nov @ DCJ, Brussels
25 Nov @ DCJ, Brussels
24 Nov @ DCJ, Brussels

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