The Selected Well

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Project Details

Direction Julyen Hamilton

Performers: Paolo Cingolani, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton

Lights and Decor: Julyen Hamilton, Sylvain Formatché

‘The Selected Well’

Where moss gathers stories
all men are equal
and from our wavering truths
golden flags appear.

We are on the balconies
and in the back-street bars
no feeling too irrelevant
no demanded flight too far.

’The Selected Well’ is a series of vignettes, episodes in the creative oeuvre of three members of the Allen’s Line, the Julyen Hamilton Company, Paolo Cingolani, Billie Hanne and director, Julyen Hamilton

Dance, music, word, poetry, light, decor are all composed through the evening producing worlds with suddenness and images which calm and sear.

The spine of this work is pragmatic, its muscles ruddy and material, its fluids able to dream and wonder.

14 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels
15 Nov @ Blue zone Performances, Brussels
16 Nov @ Blue Zone Performances, Brussels

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