The Voyage

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Project Details

Direction Julyen Hamilton

Performers: Ana Iommi, Boris Cossio, Agostina d'Alessandro, Billie Hanne, Julyen Hamilton, Theodosia Stathi, Barbara Pereyra, Yoann Boyer

Lights and Decor: Julyen Hamilton

Photography: Patrick Beelaert

Having arrived, we were immediately ready for a voyage together.

Once on land and with ground, we were ready to travel upon the sea. The images of water, the driftwood, the drinking plant, the held oil-lamp, the anachronistic flower petals, the planks and the strewn water itself, were our environment, our tools and thus our culture. The inverted World-map spoke for itself through colour and abstraction. All was immediate and needed no explanation.

11 Jun @ DCJ, Brussels
10 Jun @ DCJ, Brussels
09 Jun @ DCJ, Brussels

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